Sometimes, all you can do is laugh

What’s behind all the laughter of these men on the streets of Beijing? Artist Yue Minjun says it’s not as funny as it looks:

“Yes, of course the smiles are a trick,” he says. “I wanted to hide the bad feelings behind a smile. In this way everyone can accept it. This is related to traditional culture and the history of Chinese literature. You can’t show what you really want.”
and …
“I grew up in a strong family and I knew how to be patriotic,” he said. “But after ’89 I felt cheated. You want to trust in something; then it changes. I mean, before ’89 I was thinking I belong to something. I can trust a person or the place I work, or the country. But after ’89 I felt I could only trust myself.”

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I'm an American teaching in China
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