The word “blog” in green is matched by the Chinese characters for “blog” on the right. I choose to interpret blog as a verb, and actually as a command.

Yet before you get too excited about this provocative tagger’s delight, know that this graffiti wall is across the street from a contemporary art museum, and therefore is not as disharmonious as one might think.


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I'm an American teaching in China
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One Response to Blog!

  1. HongKonger says:

    The Chinese transliteration for Bog (博客) is also a brilliant translation -‘ 博’ although I don’t have the exact definition, it is indeed a verb. And ‘客’ is a noun for guests and/or customers.
    I think 博·means to garner, share, acquire, nurture, as in SunYat Sen’s famous slogan: 自由,平等,博爱 Freedom, Equality and [Universal] Love.

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