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Handicapped enabled!

Where they stow the wheelchair, I have no idea.. Advertisements

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Door of the week

What passes for goth in Beijing.

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This ugly lump …

… is actually a nose-tickling, tear-inducing, and might I say tasty ball of cabbage. The cabbage is layered like an onion, and the layers are slathered with the hottest hot-hot-hot Chinese mustard you could imagine.

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Beijing traffic sucks …

… especially on a weekend morning in the hutong when everyone’s in rush to find the freshest cabbages and leeks.

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Here today …

… drying your hair tomorrow. It’s a tad disturbing to know that this hair salon’s hygiene system involves hanging its freshly washed towels on some power grid’s dusty fence in a parking lot.

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How about …

… spitting on people you don’t like?

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A little vino …

… would be keen-o. There are more wine shops in my neighborhood than McDonald’s, and I wonder if this guy delivers to them all.

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