These magic boxes …

… which can be found street side all over Zhuhai, make the most delicious rice noodle rolls, or in Mandarin: chang fen (肠粉).

It starts with a rice noodle batter ladled on and spread onto the griddle, er, drawer. Add an egg. Then a smattering of pork and a sprinkling of chives. Close the drawer, count to 30 and open. Scrape the noodle off the griddle and slide onto a plate. Roll it up. Add a little lettuce for roughage. Pour sweet soy sauce on top. Serve.

Amazing breakfast.


About chinaenglish

I'm an American teaching in China
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2 Responses to These magic boxes …

  1. Melissa Chen says:

    Haha,do you like it? Almost everyone in my hometown has it for breakfast.

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